PNC2004 Annual Conference in conjunction with PRDLA
PNC2004Annual Conference in conjunction with PRDLA
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Digital Libraries and Digital Collections in the Global Community

 The Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) Annual Conference is an annual event marking the milestones in the development of technology in support of scholarship. PNC holds annual conference each year, hosts local and world-wide speakers and about 300 attendees from Asia-Pacific countries will attend this meeting providing an excellent forum for academic resources exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration each year.

 This year the PNC 2004 Annual Conference will be in conjunction with PRDLA. PRDLA meeting will be held from October 17 - 18 and PNC 2004 Annual Conference in Conjunction with PRDLA will be held from October 19 - 22 at the Academia Sinica Activity Center Taipei, Taiwan.

 The PNC 2004 Annual Conference in conjunction wit PRDLA is collaboration of the Academia Sinica, PNC, PRDLA , ECAI , National Centrhal Library , National Palace Museum and National Science Council, Taiwan . Each organization will offer its perspective and expertise on the conference theme of Digital Libraries and Digital Collections in the Global Community.

 Members of the PNC are leaders and pioneers in the realms of digital technologies, and the ground-breaking application of these technologies to traditional fields such as atlas, library, museum and cultural research. Panel sessions offer presentations on such issues as digital museums, grid technology applied to cultural data, multimedia representations of culture, and many other issues. Working groups bring together those with shared interest in thematic topics to develop projects of mutual interest. Poster sessions and computer demonstrations offer opportunities to showcase new work and interact with creative scholars and technicians exploring the possibilities of technology.

 Librarians, museum professionals, technicians, educators, site managers, and all those working with cultural materials and technology may have an interest in this conference. The on-line Registration will be available at The Conference Program will be posed on this site, along with the schedule of meetings, and social events sponsored by the conference.

 From the dawn of the Internet Age to the present, the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) has brought together those at the cutting edge of technological research for content organization, visualization, discovery, and access, with those who create, preserve, and manage content. We invite your participation.