Administrative Service

  • Hold academic workshops and PNC annual conferences
  • Maintain PNC website
  • Publish Proceedings of PNC Annual Conferences
  • Organize Executive Committee Meetings and Steering Committee Meetings at a regular basis, including call for meeting, preparing materials, and preparing minutes, etc.
  • Maintain membership database
  • Launch small-scale training courses and seminars
  • Manage PNC administrative operation such as collecting membership fee, responding to members' requests, etc.

Administrative Focus

  • Set up a communicational channel for further research collaboration
  • Initiate Digitalization Projects and also establish the standardization of those projects
  • Enhance romote multi-disciplinary and cultural knowledge development and information sharing through active scholarship.
  • Promote public availability of information resources
  • Stimulate, design, coordinate, and participate in international interdisciplinary programs



Contact Information

PNC Secretariats
Department of Information Technology Services
128, Sec. 2, Academic Road, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Tel: +886-2-2789-8894
Fax: +886-2-2788-5259