PNC 2002 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings

Keynote Speech

Large Scale Humanity Research Projects in Japan

Public Lecture: Library and Information Resources

Networking and Computing in the Digital Age

Resource Sharing

Computer and the Humanities in Japan

Institutional Collaboration

EBTI Session

Metadata to Gazetteer

Museum Informatics I

Images Analysis and Retrieval

Museum Informatics II

Resource Sharing with Time and Place


Character Encoding and Multilingual

Application of Archaeological and Historical Information I

GIS Application in Digital Archive

The ECAI e-Publication Program


Digital Technology and Southeast Asia Cultural Heritage

Historical Information Sharing

Internet and Archive

Metadata for Archives

Classical Information Sharing


Grid Computing and Application

Silk Road and Central Asia Session II: Culture and Travel

Digital Archives Content Management

Poster and Demo

Virtual Reality and Motion Capture III

Historical GIS