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Hawaii Information

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Time Zone
The time zone Hawaii is at GMT-10 and does not observe Daylight Saving Time. Therefore, Honolulu will be two hours behind the West Coast of the continental United States, and 18 hours behind Taipei.

Hawaii has very pleasant weather all year round. The temperature ranges from 78 to 85 Farenheit (21.1 to 30.5 Celsius). The average rainfall in November is 5.6 cm.

Customs and Tax
Information regarding U.S. Customs and goods that must be declared or are prohibited can be found at www.customs.gov and www.foreignborn.com. There is no sales tax, but the State of Hawaii imposes a 4% General Excise Tax on all goods.

In the United States, one customarily pays gratuity for good service in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and taxis. The "tip" is usually 15% of the total before tax, with adjustments according to service.

Electricity and Voltage
Voltage: 115 - 120 volt
Power source: 60 hertz