Pacific Rim Digital Library Association(PRDLA)
The goal of the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance (PRDLA) is to facilitate improved user access to scholarly research materials, primarily through digital means. The Alliance will focus limited human and budgetary resources on cooperative ventures both among all members and also within smaller subsets of Alliance members. There are approximately 23 participating university groups in PRDLA, including UH, UC Berkeley, Peking University and Singapore University.

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)
ECAI is a collaborative project which combines global mapping, imagery, and texts. ECAI provides scholars and other users with a research resource based on digital technology which presents complex combinations of data from multiple disciplines visually and immediately.

National Digital Archives Program, Taiwan (NDAP)
National Digital Archives Program was initiated by National Science Council, Taiwan, in 2002. It aims to preserve and digitalize the important historical archives and treasures in the country.

Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT)
Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT), which is affiliated to the National Digital Archives Program in Taiwan, has tasks not only to support 19 local and international projects to do content analysis and metadata implementation, but also to develope a Metadata Framework Model to standardize metadata workflow and systematize content analysis in terms of the archives of the 19 projects.

Department of Information Technology Services, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
PNC Headquarters is now located in the Department of Information Technology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. The Department of Information Technology Services is a service unite of Academia Sinica, Taiwan. It provides network, computing, information, and promotion services for giving total solutions to reserach problems.